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Trippy Sticks The home of Stay Trippy About Stay Trippy Trippy Stick Shop - Stay Trippy Contact Stay Trippy Staff provides high quality Trippy Sticks™ and Vaporizer pens world wide. Vaporize all your dry herbs, waxes and oils on the go easily! Try out the best performing and looking portable vape sticks on the market at a great affordable price. We provide top shelf custom support and world class products. Stay Trippy™ is part of a higher class which are connected from all of the world. We hope to have the chance to serve you and provide the tools that will make your vaping experiences a pleasurable and happy one. - Stay Trippy™ my friends!
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Join us as we take you on a blast to the future with our brand NEW Neuralyzer 2.0 vape pens! Our new Neuralyzers make the portable vaping experience that much more fashionable. These are limited edition so get them while they are in!

Choosing who to purchase your personal vaporizer pens and Trippy Sticks can quickly become a headache. Stay Trippy quickly becomes a top contender when it comes to product quality, customer service and delivery times. We look at our customers as a network of family spread throughout the world and treat them as such. Producing a company based on integrity and strong quality control we stand behind our products and service.

Enhancing your good times, while maintaining your classy figure by removing repulsive smells and sun yellow teeth. From celebrities to the general public, stay trippy has no boundaries. Vape like the kings and relax like everyday is a vacation. We not only believe in having a great time all the time but having quality fun with real people. Stay Trippy is a company based out of Las Vegas, Nevada and we are about that Trippy Life! We are here to give our Trippy Hippies everything they need for their Trippy Kits at the most affordable costs. Stay Trippy is the one and only online place where you will find the best Trippy items. Stay tune for new products! The products we produce reflects our image. Detailed, durable, and boundary pushing to be the best in the portable Vaporizer. We constantly innovate the clothing and portable vaporizing markets. Taking our customers suggestions to heart and really applying them to further magnify the vision of Stay Trippys founders standards. We strive to execute to a prestigious level and offering that at an affordable price. We here at Stay Trippy take each of our products whether ours or partners through an intensive reviewing process before releasing them publicly. This gives us an advantage over other companies claiming to be the best. While our product standards are higher then our competitors so is our customer support and product affordability. Feel free to contact us on Stay Trippy's Contact page!

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